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  • Tired of Not Knowing What Business to Start?...

    Finally Discover a Profitable Niche that Fits Who You Are...

    Without Guessing if it Will Sell!

    Join the Bootcamp that will walk you step-by-step to finding a niche that energizes and excites you... and communicate it in a way that attracts customers!

    Nailing Your Niche Bootcamp

    Many employees who are Workplace Misfits, know they want to create their own business, but there’s a huge problem…

    They have no idea what Niche to choose!

    They Know It's Time To Leave That "Rat Race"

    They Just Can't Imagine Being in There for 1, 5, 10, or 20 More Years!

    (Does any of this sound familiar?)


    • They think they have nothing of value to offer their market, when in fact they do - they just don’t see it

    • They figure maybe they’ll just start a business around what they think will make money

    • They waste most of their time on social media because they have no direction on that first key step in starting their business

    • And what’s even worse, they start to lose the passion they had for starting their own business

    • Workplace Misfits like yourself need a simple way to choose a business that fits who you are, without worrying if it’s something people will want, are we right?

      Fortunately for you...we've created a solution that does just that.

    INTRODUCING... THE Simple FIX...



    • Health and Wellness

    • Spirituality

    • Parenting

    • Business and Finance

    • Relationships

    • Hobbies

    • Art and Photography

    • Personal Development

    • Organization

    • And much more!


    Workshop #1 / Your Niche

    The 1st Step to Leaving the Rat Race

    In this workshop, you’ll gain clarity on what the first steps are in moving from an employee to a freedom-loving entrepreneur. You’ll walk away with confidence on knowing WHY you need to have a specific niche and how to avoid the targeting mistake so many course creators make.

    What We'll Work On

    • Understand Why You Need a Niche

    • Discover the Perfect Niche Strategy

    • Get Specific on Your Target Customer

    SUPER BONUS Your Personal Inventory (Your North Star)

    Along with the training you’ll also receive a list of questions you can ask yourself to take a personal inventory… to discover what makes you… you. In Nailing Your Niche, having a great understanding of yourself will help you to understand the niche you wish to serve and how to serve them well.

    Workshop #2 / Niche Topics

    Discover Niche Topics that Fit YOU

    In this workshop you’ll get clarity around WHAT your niche looks and feels like to YOU… and why the hottest niches may not be for you. We’ll show you how to get clear on your purpose, what your market wants and how you’re going to deliver it to them.

    What We'll Work On

    • Discover What Really Gets People to Buy

    • Clarity on Your Purpose

    • Narrow Down Your Niche

    SUPER BONUS Your Steps to Success Guide & Our COOL Resource Toolkit

    Along with this training you’ll also get our Steps to Success Guide. This guide will lead you to clarity on the important and simple steps to discovering your niche, creating an online brand and what happens if you miss one of those steps.

    Workshop #3 / Nail Your Niche

    Discover Exactly What Problem You Solve and Who You Solve it For

    In this workshop you’ll discover the solutions to the common misconceptions, mistakes and what-if’s of choosing your niche. You’ll then use that clarity to define your specific niche so your customers will see you as the authority and want to buy from you.

    What We'll Work On

    • Make Your Niche Specific

    • Bust Through the Common Niching Mistakes

    • Research Your Niche through Connection with Others

    SUPER BONUS Who Is Your Target Market & Niche Examples Mind Map

    This workshop comes with two mind maps to help you with the niching questions: What problem do I solve? And… Who do I solve it for? Real-world niche examples and laser-targeted questions on your target customer help to give you insight on nailing your niche.

    Grab The Ultimate Shortcut!

  • Your 1st Step to Leaving the Rat Race (Valued at $197)

  • Niche Topics that Fit You (Valued at $197)

  • What Problem You Solve and For Who (Valued at $197)

  • Your Personal Inventory  (Valued at $47)

  • Steps to Success Guide (Valued at $97)

  • Our COOL Toolkit (Valued at $97)

  • Who IS Your Target Market Mind Map (Valued at $47)

  • Niche Examples Mind Map (Valued at $47)

  • Customer Avatar Worksheet (Valued at $97)

  • Customer Circumstance Worksheet (Valued at $97)

  • Interactive Nail Your Niche Master Mind Map (Valued at $47)

  • Plus access to a Private Facebook Group ($Priceless)

  • Total Value = $1,167

    Regular Price = $497

    Today's Price = $397... $297



    In the interest of shortcutting the time it takes to choose a narrowly-defined niche that fits who you are, we are also giving you these


    Customer Avatar Worksheet

    If you’re like most aspiring business owners, figuring out who you’re going to market to can feel like something you just can’t wrap your head around. The good news is, pinpointing your target customer is a lot easier than you think. Use our Customer Avatar Worksheet to quickly and easily define your specific target customer so you can move forward in creating a product they WANT TO BUY.

    Customer Circumstance Worksheet

    Chances are, at some point you’ve been in the same circumstance as your target customer. Use this to your advantage in this bonus worksheet where we’ll show you how to define that situation and how they feel about it. This will help them see that you understand where they’re at and that you can help them… and they’ll be more likely to WANT TO BUY from you.

    Interactive NYN Master Mind Map

    Most courses that have “valuable content” put it in a format that makes it hard to find. We’re passionate about your success in this bootcamp, and that’s why we created the Nailing Your Niche Master Mind Map. It is designed to have you Nail Your Niche the quickest way possible… with an easy-to-use reference guide to all the content in the bootcamp.It’s your map to Nailing Your Niche!

    Imagine waking up every day before the alarm goes off, excited to work on the business you love.


    How would you feel knowing that for the rest of the day, your “work” will feel effortless and enjoyable?


    What would you do with the free time you have now that the work you do on your business is laser-focused… knowing that it will have a positive impact on those you are here to serve and create wild success for you at the same time?


    This is what “Nailing Your Niche Bootcamp” can do for you...

    How Much Closer to LEAVING THE RAT RACE Would You Be if You Could: